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Sunday, 10 September 2017 02:00

Splendid results of Benha University in China

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Benha University gained a lot of offers form great edifices in China as follows: (1) the Chinese science Academy offers to sign a cooperation protocol with Benha University, (2) D.C. Logan offers to cooperate with Benha University in the field of energy, (3) a well-known company in China which produces Ethanol offers to cooperate with Benha university and (4) Benha university was invited to sign a cooperation protocol to teach Arabic language to the non-natives in the international language institute in Nyanja province.  All these offers result in Benha university president’s visit to China as he meets Mr. Howang Wai, the vice minister of science and technology in China and the governor of the Nyanja province to discuss the ways of cooperation between Egypt and China. 

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