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Faculty of Engineering at Benha
نهلة مصطفى

نهلة مصطفى

Prof.Dr. Hussien EL-Magraby, the acting president of Benha University congratulates the faculties ‘members, the employees and the students on the new Hajri year 1440 wishing them a great and successful year.  

On receiving the participating teams at the international festival of folkare in Ukraine, by the pastor of Lutsk church, Benha University's folkare team sings a religious song which is welcomed inside the church

Prof.Dr. Khalid Esawi, the supervisor of the stduents' activities thanks prof.Dr. El-Sayed EL-Kady for his support to the students' activities. He says that the university supports the students' activities with 2 million pounds and Benha University has achieved many top positions in the different aspects

The folkare team of Benha University wins the international festival of folkare award in Ukraine which ended yesterday. Benha University's folkare team held its shows on the stage in the cultural center square which is considered as the biggest squares in Ukraine. This statement is uttered by prof.Dr. Khalid Esawi, the supervisor of the student activities and the head of the Benha University's delegation in the festival

The activities of the international festival of folkare will start at the city of Lutsk in Ukraine and it will last to 26-8-2018. The folkare team represents Egypt and it exhibits many shows which are based on the Egyptian legacy

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president and the university's delegation which includes prof.Dr. Hesham Abu EL-Enin, the dean of the faculty of commerce, the acting head of the University's hospitals, the supervisor of the legal affairs, the assistant secretaries of the financial affairs and community service and the head of the MIS meets with Mr. Muhammad EL-Etryby, the head of Egypt bank board at his office in Cairo where a cooperation protocol is signed to guarantee the cooperation of Egypt bank with the University to carry out its plan of financial comprehensiveness

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed El-kady, the university president decides to declare the emergency status in the University's hospitals and issuing a decree to make the medical examination for free in the hospitals during all days of Eid-EL-Adha

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president says the university manages to save 13 million pounds that were paid out to hire the exams tents in addition to succeeding in manufacturing 4,000 chairs in the workshops of the faculty of engineering and the faculty of applied arts that will be used in the next years

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president meets with 14 students of the university who were sent for MA and PhD scholarships in China. EL-Kady stresses that Benha University's students should be sent for scholarships to help the Egyptian community to solve its problems

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president stresses on the patriotic and the positive role of the media to spread out the positive points and eradicate the negative points in addition to helping the state to confront all the challenges. El-Kady also says that the media's cooperation with Benha University contributes to highlight the accomplishments achieved by the University