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Faculty of Engineering at Benha
نهلة مصطفى

نهلة مصطفى

The contest of the best faculty’s members is now held in October 2017 under the auspices of prof.Dr. El-Sayed El-Kady, the university president and prof.Dr. Hesham Abu El-Enin, the vice president of post-graduate studies and researches. Prof.Dr. Ghazi Assasa says that this contest helps to increase the visibility of the university’s website and its order in the international rankings and he also says that the awards are as follows:

The best professor’s website award is 5,000 L.E

The best assistant professor website award is 4,000 L.E

The best lecturer website award is 3,000 L.E

The best teaching assistant website award is 2,000 L.E

The proceedings of the Sino-Egyptian congress have begun in Benha University and it will last for three days. This conference discusses 115 scientific researches that are related to agriculture, veterinary sciences and engineering and there are 10 Chinese universities which take part in this conference accompanied by a Chinese delegation in addition to several faculties’ members in the Egyptian universities. 

Saturday, 07 October 2017 00:00

A great victory for a big nation

Today is the day when the whole world remembers the war of October; this great victory when Egypt set an important example of heroism and bravery and many young men martyrize and get injured for the sake of liberating the homeland. Benha University cordially thanks the armed forces for what they did and what they are still doing to keep the Egypt prosperous. 

In his meeting with the faculties’ deans, on Thursday noon, under the presidency of prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president, he urges the faculties’ deans to establish a university’s book center in all faculties.

The strategic planning unit holds, under the presidency of prof.Dr. Gamal Abd EL-Aziz, its first training course in the faculty of medicine. This course is held in the presence of prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abd Sabour, the faculty dean, prof.Dr. Ibrahim Ragah, the faculty’s deputy of community service and environment development and prof.Dr. Yosry El-Saied, the head of the university’s hospitals. The head of the strategic planning unit discusses the importance of the strategic planning in the higher education institutions an how to reinforce it to be implemented in Benha University.

  Prof. Dr. El-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president hosts, in his office on wendesday morning, prof.Dr. Mona bent Mousa EL-zedgally, the Omani cultural attaché in Cairo. This meeting is attended by prof.Dr. Gamal Ismail and prof.Dr. Hesham Abu El-Enin, several faculties’ members and Mr. Wahid Khalawy, the general secretary of the university. This meeting discusses many Omani stduents related issues who study in Benha University.   

In a sudden visit to the university’s hostels, prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady inspects the hostels of the boys in Kafr-Saad to make sure that everything is up and running. He is accompanied by prof.Dr. Gamal Ismail and prof.Dr. Hesham Abu EL-Enin and prof.Dr. Gamal Sosa, the general supervisor of the university’s hostels.

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady participates in the two-day conference entitled “Moving forward to knowledge society and Egyptian innovation” that is organized by the committee of computer science and information technology in the supreme council of universities at Semarmis hotel in Cairo. This conference is held under the auspices of prof.Dr. Khalid Abd EL-Gafer, the minister of higher education, Eng, Yasser EL-kady, the minister of telecommunication and information technology and prof.Dr. Tarek Shawky, the minister of education.

The committee of pharmaceutics sector in the supreme council of universities visits a number of buildings in Benha University to choose one of them to be the building of the faculty of pharmacy for two years. This committee is presided by prof.Dr. Maher EL-Domyaty, Zagazig university former president and the membership of prof.Dr. Hamed Allah Zidan, an expert in the world healthcare organization and the professor in the faculty of pharmacy, prof.Dr. Salwa eL-Miligy, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy in Sadat Academy, prof.Dr. Ramadan EL-Domany, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy in kafr-sheikh University and prof.Dr. Atef Abd EL-Baky, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy in port-Saied.  The committee is accompanied by prof.Dr, El-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president, prof.Dr. Hesham Abu El-Enin, the vice president of post-graduate studies, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abd EL-Sabour, the dean of the faculty of medicine and the prof.Dr. Muhammad Saied, the geometrical chancellor of the university, Mr. Wahid Khalawy, the general secretary of the university and prof.Dr. Magdy Thabet, the head of EL-Qulubia pharmacy specialists. 

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-kady, the university president decides to establish services offices for the citizens who go to the university hospitals in order to solve their problems. EL-kady stresses that there will be many employees whom they are assigned by him to help the citizens in addition to referring the complaints and the suggestions of the citizens to the university president directly.