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Faculty of Engineering at Benha
نهلة مصطفى

نهلة مصطفى

Sunday, 02 December 2018 00:00

An important advertisement

The social committee in the youth care department in the faculty of arts announces that it is time to submit the social researches from 3-12-2018 to 10-12-2018.

The students of the open learning continue to do their exams which started last Tuesday as there are 11253 students do the exams of the open-learning at the faculty of law. Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed Fouda, the dean of the faculty of law says that the exams last for 25-12-2018.

Prof.Dr. Hala Zayed, the dean of the faculty of computer and informatics says that Benha University holds, with ITI institute, a program entitled “Web development using open sources” for three months for the fourth grade stduents from 28-8-2018 to 7-12-2018.

The veterinary medicine syndicate honors the top scholars in the faculty of veterinary medicine. It honors prof.Dr. Abd EL-Fattah Monged, the professor in the faculty of veterinary medicine for winning the award of the individuals and organizations.

On Sunday, Fulbright commission has ended its activities regarding the program designed for higher education leaders in Hurgada. This event lasts for three days and it is attended by prof.Dr. Amr Adely, the universities presidents and their vice presidents, many higher education leaders, the representatives of the American embassy in Cairo. This event was held on the occasion of the celebrating the 70th anniversary of establishing Fulbright commission for scholarship in Egypt.

The Portal team in Benha University is currently revising and assessing the links of the faculties’ members according to the criteria that are published via the following link: 

The faculties’ members should expect the result during the next 48 hours... keep in touch!

There are 19835 students who are having their exams including4302 stduents who are having their open learning exams, 15105 students who are having their under-graduate students and 428 newcomers. Prof.Dr. Eid Hemida, the dean of the faculty of commerce says that the exams are strictly up and running.

Saturday, 15 December 2018 00:00

Cordial congratulations of the New Year 2018

Prof.Dr. EL-Sayed EL-Kady, the University president, prof.Dr. Gamal Ismail, the vice president of community service and environment development and prof.Dr. Hesham Abu EL-Enin, the vice president of post-graduate studies and research cordially congratulate the faculties’ deans, the faculties’’ members and the students on the New Year 2018 wishing all success, joy and love.

Benha University hosts the physical education sector committee in the supreme council of the universities under the presidency of prof.Dr. Muhammad Sobhy Husseinain, the head of the committee in Benha University. The committee discusses the possibility of establishing a faulty of physical education for the girls in Benha and they approve to establish it. It is important to say that the committee visits the faculty’s building and they were accompanied by prof.Dr. Hussien Dory Abaza, the dean of the faculty of physical education for boys in Benha.

The candidature is open for the deanship position for the faculty of law on Saturday, 15-12-2018 to Thursday, 20-12-2018 at the university president’s vice president office in the university’s main building.