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Faculty of Engineering at Benha
نهلة مصطفى

نهلة مصطفى

prof.Dr .Hussien Magraby, the university president welcomes the decree issued by the Cabinet to set up the faculty of medicine at Benha University.

The deans-selection committee, under the presidency of prof.Dr. Hussien Magraby meets with the candidates for the deanship position in the faculty of education and listens to the future plans of the candidates to develop the faculty.

Benha University wins 6 medals in the Universities' youth week at Kafr-EL-Sheikh. This event was organized by Kafr-EL-sheikh University where 27 universities have taken part in there.

prof.Dr .Hussien Magraby, the university president says that the academic year is up and running with the beginning of the second semester.

Prof.Dr. Tarek EL-Shistaway, the IT advisor announces that Benha University obtains the 9th rank among all the Egyptian universities regarding Google Scholar citation activity in January 2019.

prof.Dr .Hussien Magraby, the university president goes in a tour to inspect the faculty of agriculture and the faculty of veterinary medicine in the presence of prof.Dr. Mahmoud Eraqi, prof.Dr. Muhammad Ghanem and prof.Dr. Naser El-giaway. He says that the university has determined ten indicators to measure the application of the quality systems criteria.

prof.Dr .Hussien Magraby, the university president meets with the members of the committee which supervise the university's activity regarding it's the strategic plan in the presence of prof.Dr. Fatma Abd EL-Wahab, prof.Dr. Muhammad Abd EL-fattah and Mr. Samir EL-qrash.

Prof.Dr. Mahmoud Eraqi, the faculty's dean announces that the faculty's will sell its production of fish, which is produced out of the fish farms, with a lower cost to the citizens.

prof.Dr .Hussien Magraby, the university president discusses the University's preparations to carry out the initiative of Egypt's craftsmen that has been initiated by the his Excellency Mr. President\ Abd EL-Fattah EL-Sisi.

The deans' council of Benha University decides to set up an international branch of the university in EL-Obour city and benefits from the buildings that have been constructed while scheduling to resume the other constructions.